Watch Mike get flustered setting up new gear. He then thinks his fancy new equipment is recording high quality audio, but the awful camera mic was recording awful audio instead. Let’s see if anyone notices!

0:00 – Mike gets everything set up (or thinks he does)
1:42 – How to design upgrades for non-linear games
3:15 – Mike stops being flustered and answers the question
6:17 – How non-linear upgrades work in Skylanders
9:45 – How non-linear upgrades work in Mega Man
11:35 – Some patreon housekeeping and updates
12:45 – Mike finds out more questions showed up!
13:00 – Using “gamey” design principles in realistic games
17:09 – If players don’t know it’s in your game, it’s not in your game
17:44 – How to lead players to a goal without taking control away
20:15 – How treasure trails helped players understand Elemental Gates in Skylanders
21:30 – How architecture and environment cues can be used to lead players
22:47 – Real-world examples: Disneyland uses cues to lead visitors
23:22 – Testing a game with different control schemes
24:22 – Making sure your control schemes work
25:00 – Closing remarks

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