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In this episode, Mike talks with programmer Ryan Juckett about everything from being a programmer in the games industry to the challenges of creating an indie game while working on an AAA game at the same time.

Ryan is Lead Sandbox Engineer at Bungie, on Destiny. He is also single-handedly creating an indie game called Inversus.

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Show Notes:
0:00 – Introducing Ryan
6:19 – What programmers do, in general
7:26 – What Ryan does at Bungie
9:49 – Great talent at studios that don’t make great games
11:25 – Programmers working with designers and vice-versa
14:55 – A story about Ryan at Bionic
18:12 – Earning trust between programmers and designers
24:00 – Different design roles Ryan has worked with
27:08 – Uses of scripting systems by Designers VS Programmers
30:20 – Using middleware or 3rd party tech
32:07 – Describing Ryan’s job in layman’s terms
36:40 – The wide range of tech programmers work with
37:21 – Talking about Inversus – Ryan’s game with Hypersect
38:00 – The difficulty of doing “elevator pitches” for abstract/unique games
39:26 – The elevator pitch for Inversus
42:29 – Where to get more info about Inversus

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